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Is T&T paying a price for the short-term tactical success keeping Carnival safe?

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January 31, 2010 by Fensic

This suddenly dawned on me while running mih mout on another thread. Is Trinidad and Tobago paying a huge price, that will not be realized until ‘later on’, for the short term ‘victory’ of keeping Carnival ‘safe’?

Here is what I thinking:

Every year there are people who are on the edge of their seats wondering if Carnival go be safe and every year post Carnival, the answer comes back as ‘yes’. I give the TTPS full credit as every year it does a good job of throwing up a cordon around participants of Carnival keeping revelers safe, plus is car-neeee-vaaaall, only drunk people act dotish, rent? Meanwhile outside of the Carnival season we see the crime situation reaching new lows – a woman being shot dead in her car on the compound of the police station she fled to thinking she would be safe; a prisoner shot dead while under police escort; men being shot 15, 20, 30 times; criminals no longer unafraid to challenge police officers who are far better armed then they are.

Still, it is as if a two-day cease-fire is observed for Carnival Monday and Tuesday and reality is suspended for those two days. We all know that is so not true. If criminals are becoming braver and braver 363 of the year does common sense not say that one day that ‘bravery’ will spill over into Carnival and with devastating consequences? I mean how much has all the ‘gun talk’ by Martin Joseph and James Philbert resulted in criminals running of into a corner cowering?

Will it take a catastrophic disruption of people jumping and and wining to finally bring home the point that crime is out of control? Then what? The best indicator of future performance is past performance and past performance shows that the authorities have been ‘de-balled’ when it comes to fighting crime. Maybe Kamla is ‘better equipped’ and needs to get her own shot at it.

If authorities keep relying on the false impression that since Carnival is relatively crime-free that things though bad ‘cyar be all that bad’, then they will find out it is not just ‘that bad’, but worse, much worse and they will be unable, I mean really unable to respond because they lost their balls so long ago they have forgotten what shape they were and what they looked like.

Thoughts anyone?

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