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News gathered maccoiously and delivered in a bacchanalian way

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November 4, 2009 by Fensic

Well the latest bacchanal in de land of constant bacchanal is the story about the Saudi diplomat who, according to the press, well the Muslim community to be specific, had his person and his room tossed by the TTPS supposedly looking for guns and whatever else. The Guardian in dramatic prose even reported that the TTPS ‘stormed’ de man room at the hotel. The Muslim community in ah uproar demanding apologies from captain tuh cook or is dat crook? The man was in the country supposedly to hand out passports tuh local Muslims going tuh some pilgrimage or something.

The police say dat eh what happen. They say they get a report of somebody handing out passports at the hotel and they went to investigate. That sounding true tuh me as an ACP was part of the investigating team that suggests to me they were going to make sure no screw ups occurred wid this diplomat. The police went on tuh say they tell him why they were there, he show his diplomatic papers and everybody had tea. Okay not dat larse part.

Anyway the police strongly protesting the story. The Muslim fella, Imtiaz Mohammed, doing the talking for the local community, say dat the Saudi diplomat, Fawaz Abdul Rahaman Alshubali, left de country ’embarrassed’ and ‘humiliated’. Why is the Muslim community leading the crowd and not the embassy in Venezuela I do not know.

All the information not in but I saying from all now I eh believe the printed version which obviously is spreading like wild fire and being swallowed whole by all,  mainly Trinis of course, whose instincts seem to be to believe any and everything negative about T&T. Surprise surprise.

I believe the police. Besides I went online, checked all de Saudi papers, checked all over the web and eh see nutting about this story except in Caribbean related newspapers and blogs. That is all the proof I need to disbelieve this story. The story has been given an unfortunate religious spin but the issue still is whether diplomatic immunity was violated. Such incidents get reported by the press in the ‘offending’  and the ‘offended’ country but not this story..

“News gathered maccoiously and delivered in a bacchanalian way”, yet again.

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